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Hearing Evaluations

Associates in Ear, Nose, and Throat is proud to offer hearing evaluations in sound treated rooms at each of our facilities.  This makes us one of the most convenient choices for hearing tests in the region.

A basic audiological evaluation includes an audiogram, middle ear testing, and an assessment of speech recognition.  We test children and adults, though the process will differ slightly based on age.

When we perform an audiogram, we create a graph of your hearing ability.  In the evaluation, one of our audiologists will introduce tones of different pitches and will ask the patient to respond as the tones get softer.  We will track how far beyond the normal range you can hear as the tones get softer and farther away.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation, please call (423) 209-9111.

Online Hearing Screening

Phonak offers a free, three-minute online hearing test. While there's no replacement for a consultation with a hearing-care expert, the Phonak online hearing screening can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing. To learn more and complete the screening, click here

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