1. Select the appropriate category and then the desired form below.
When the PDF file opens, IMMEDIATELY SAVE the PDF in a convenient location on your hard drive.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here if needed.


2. After you have downloaded and saved the form to your computer, you have the option to:
(a) complete and print it and bring to your appointment, OR
(b) submit it to us securely (see step 3 below).

You may open and resave as often as needed until the form is completed.
Be sure to save the form after you have made changes.


3. After you have completed and resaved your form. Return to this page and submit each form(s) as follows.

(a) Type your name below
(b) Browse and select your completed registration form from your hard drive.
(c) Select the type of form that you are submitting from the drop-down menu.
(Please select the correct department and form to ensure delivery.)
(d) Click Submit.